What To Expect From Pediatric Dental Care In Vancouver, WA

In Washington, children and teens need proper oral hygiene and care to protect their teeth and gums. Professional dental services help patients develop strong teeth and healthy gums. Treatments and repairs are also performed to correct any damage. Examining Pediatric Dental Care in Vancouver WA helps parents learn what to expect when their child visits the dentist.

When Should Children Start Visiting the Dentist?

According to most pediatric dentists, children should start visiting the dentist as early as age one. Dental professionals provide assessments and cleanings that are vital to baby teeth. Flouride treatments also strengthen the teeth and lower the effects of public water. The options prevent browning of the teeth and protect them more fully.

Managing Childhood Cavities

Childhood cavities are just as painful as damage in adulthood. Hopefully, children have a lower pain tolerance than adults. A pediatric dentist provides fillings and crowns to protect the teeth and prevent unnecessary tooth loss. The baby teeth must stay in place until the adult teeth form completely.

Correcting Improper Alignment

As a teen, children are more likely to need braces to correct an improper alignment. The dentist provides ceramic, metal, and Invisalign braces for the patients. The severity of the alignment problem determines which braces are the best choice for the patient. Some dental professionals will need to refer the patient to an orthodontist for the installation of the braces.

Protecting the Adult Teeth

The dentist may recommend dental bonding to protect the adult teeth during childhood. The application prevents adult molars from becoming damaged. Children will lose their baby teeth as the adult teeth start to erupt through the gum line. Several measures are taken to prevent damage and protect the teeth. The dentist also provides treatments to prevent gum disease.

In Washington, pediatric dentists provide dental services for children and teens. The services they offer address major concerns as patients’ teeth develop. The dental professionals examine the teeth once a year and perform cleanings twice a year. The options include corrective options when damage is discovered. Parents who want to set up Pediatric Dental Care in Vancouver WA for their child can contact Lewis Family Dentistry right now. You can also connect them on Facebook.