How Can Cosmetic Procedures Improve a Smile?

How Can Cosmetic Procedures Improve a Smile?

If you want to improve your self-esteem, then you should have a perfect smile. By visiting a cosmetic dentistry Lincoln Park CO expert, you can have a smile evaluation to repair your teeth. A dentist can collect X-rays of your face and mouth to make recommendations about a variety of cosmetic procedures. It is possible for the dentist to use computer software to show you how your teeth could look with dental restorations or other cosmetic services. Some of these procedures are available immediately, but other procedures are scheduled at a more convenient time.

A Teeth-whitening Procedure Will Improve Your Smile

First, you can have a teeth-whitening process to remove ugly stains from your teeth. With this procedure, a dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide substance to your teeth. After water is injected into your mouth, a bubbling chemical reaction will occur that will lift the stains from the dental enamel on your teeth. When the chemical reaction ends, you can rinse your mouth thoroughly to see your sparkling white teeth. By using caution while eating and drinking, you can keep your teeth whiter.

Repair Damaged Teeth with Veneers or Crowns

If you have damaged teeth, then a cosmetic dentistry  dentist can provide other solutions. When you have a tooth that is too short, a dentist can order a porcelain veneer that will fit over the front of the tooth. A dentist can also remove old metallic fillings to replace the restorations with a color-matching substance. If you have a tooth that is chipped, then a dentist can measure the tooth to have a customized dental crown made that will fit over the tooth precisely. When you have missing teeth, the dentist can replace the teeth with modern dental implants.

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