What to Expect After Oral Surgery in Chanhassen, MN

Before you undergo oral surgery in Chanhassen, MN, your dentist should meet with you to discuss how you should prepare, what you should expect, and how you should take care of yourself after the procedure. Many patients are unaware of what they should expect to experience after their surgery. The following will help you plan for your aftercare.

Some Pain

Oral surgery in Chanhassen, MN, is designed to take care of dental health problems that are likely causing pain and discomfort. However, you won’t see these results immediately after your surgery. It’s not uncommon to experience some pain as you would with any surgery. Your dentist will likely prescribe pain medication to manage your pain and help with the recovery process. Don’t hesitate to take pain killers, even if you opt for a milder over-the-counter option.


As with any surgery, oral surgery in Chanhassen, MN, can result in some bleeding for a short period. Your dentist will use cotton to help stop the bleeding as your blood clots and scabs over the wound. Don’t be surprised if you experience bleeding. However, you should watch it closely and let your dentist know if you continue to bleed for longer than they state, or it restarts.


Swelling is another common symptom you may experience after oral surgery in Chanhassen, MN. The pain medication your dentist prescribes should also help reduce the swelling. Ice packs can also be useful to keep the swelling under control.

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