3 Aftercare Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery in Gilbert, AZ

Wisdom teeth can cause crowding if there isn’t enough room in the mouth to grow. They may also sprout in the wrong position or grow sideways and become trapped under the gums, which is called impact. In these cases, a dentist will recommend the removal of your wisdom teeth to maintain your oral health and prevent any further pain. If you are about to undergo wisdom teeth removal in Gilbert, AZ, here are three aftercare tips for a successful recovery.

Aftercare Tips for Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery

1. Soft Foods Only

During the removal procedure, the dentist will use a form of anesthesia to prevent discomfort. The numbness lasts several hours after the wisdom teeth have been removed. This will make chewing food difficult and even dangerous because there’s a greater risk of biting down on the tongue, lips, or inner cheek. Therefore, it’s important to keep a stock of soft foods that don’t require chewings, such as yogurt, apple sauce, and soups.

2. Avoid Straws

Sucking liquids through a straw can dislodge blood clots and cause more bleeding, which can lead to more problems. To heal quickly and successfully, avoid straws altogether.

3. Rinse Mouth with Water Regularly

To keep the mouth clean, gently rinse the mouth with a mild solution of salt and water at least five times a day, especially after meals. Doing this will keep dangerous bacteria at bay and clear food debris that can interfere with healing.

Trust the Professionals

When it comes to wisdom teeth removal in Gilbert, AZ, every procedure is different because every patient is unique. Your dentist will provide personalized post-operative instructions to best suit your needs. By listening to your dentist’s instructions and keeping up with follow-up appointments, you’ll be able to recover faster and return to your normal eating schedule and daily activities.