How To Get Your Entire Family Through A Dentist Appointment In Fonthill

It is not always easy to get everyone to the family dentist in Fonthill, ON. You have to get everyone out the door on time, calm your younger children down and keep your older children occupied. Here are several tips to get your family through their dentist appointment with minimal stress.

Getting Out The Door On Time

Let your entire family know what time you are planning to head out the door in advance, and set an earlier bedtime if necessary. Remind them to get everything they are taking with them together the night before the appointment. Let them know that everyone is heading out the door at a certain time, with or without those items.

Keeping Your Younger Children Calm

When visiting the family dentist in Fonthill, ON, your younger children may feel nervous about their appointment. It may help to let them bring their favorite stuffed animal or book. You can also keep their mind occupied by playing a game of “I-Spy” in the waiting room. If it is their first appointment, look into scheduling a tour of the office in advance.

Keeping Your Older Children Occupied

Your older children may not be afraid of the dentist, but they may feel bored in the waiting room. Luckily, older children can bring their own items to occupy themselves as they wait for their appointment. They may want to bring a crossword puzzle, reading material or mobile device with headphones.

If you are looking for a family dentist in Fonthill, ON, you may enjoy the friendly staff and warm environment at Fonthill MarketPlace Dental. You can schedule your appointment.