A Basic Guide to Getting Dentures in Kona

People lose teeth for several reasons. Whether gum disease, tooth decay, or genetics are to blame, patients will be happy to learn that they can replace their missing teeth with picture-perfect dentures. Here’s what dentists want their patients to know before getting Dentures in Kona.

Dentures Look Like Natural Teeth

Too many people believe that dentures look fake. While that may have been true several decades ago, modern dentures are very realistic. When worn correctly, most people cannot distinguish dentures from natural teeth.

However, there is an adjustment period after getting dentures. Most new wearers speak with a lisp for about a week until they get used to their new teeth. Some patients may even feel self-conscious about their smile at first. These feelings will pass with time.

A Great Fit Is a Must

When a patient gets Dentures in Kona, the dentist will take impressions to ensure the dentures are the right shape and size. The dentist then sends these molds to a lab to produce the teeth. Once the dentures are ready, the dentist will fit them to the patient’s mouth. A few adjustments may be needed.

There’s nothing worse than ill-fitting dentures. If the false teeth slip and slide in the patient’s mouth, they are not the right size. A bad fit may cause problems when eating or talking. In some instances, the patient may develop sores on their gums. Always speak to a dentist if a new set of dentures doesn’t feel right.

Daily Cleaning Is Crucial

Just like natural teeth, dentures are prone to discoloration and staining. Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. recommends that patients brush their dentures with a soft bristle brush every night before bed. Wearers should also soak their dentures in a disinfecting solution overnight.

If a patient doesn’t clean their dentures each day, they may shorten the lifespan of their false teeth. Furthermore, bacteria may grow on the dentures. Any dangerous bacteria inside the mouth may put the patient at risk for developing gum disease.

Dentures remain one of the most popular remedies for missing teeth. When worn correctly, patients should get many years of use out of their new false teeth. Click Here to learn how dentures can transform a damaged smile into a beautiful one.

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