What to Expect When You Head to the Dentist for a Root Canal?

If one or more teeth have excessive amounts of decay, a root canal in Northridge may be required to properly remove the decay and help prevent infection. Though this procedure is often faced with much concern, the truth is that it’s a relatively simple procedure that shouldn’t cause any fear. To help ease any concerns you may have about an upcoming root canal, here is what you can expect once you arrive at the dentist.

Scope it Out

Before performing the root canal in Northridge, your dentist will take an X-ray to ensure that any infection within the tooth pulp hasn’t spread to other regions of your mouth or face. This X-ray will also help the dentist view the shape of the roots of your teeth to ensure they complete the procedure properly.

Procedure Preparation

After confirming the details via X-ray, your mouth will be numbed using anesthesia to ensure you remain relaxed and that you don’t feel any pain. After the anesthesia has taken hold, your dentist will prepare your tooth for the procedure by ensuring it is dry. This is done using a small sheet of rubber that is placed over and around the tooth, using clamps and the surrounding teeth to hold it in place. This step is done carefully, as any saliva entering the area during the procedure could cause further infection down the road.

Decay Removal

After you and your tooth are fully prepared, the procedure will begin. Your dentist will drill a small hole through your tooth to access the decaying pulp inside. Using various tools, the dentist will remove the dead nerves and pulp, any bacteria that have formed, and any other debris that is found inside the tooth. The inside of the tooth will be thoroughly washed out and then sealed to prevent any further colonization of bacteria.

Ultimately, you’ll want to protect your newly cleaned tooth with a crown. However, your dentist may wait a few days to put this in place to ensure the procedure was completely effective. For dental care you can trust, contact the caring professionals of Northridge DentalWorks.

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