Why Would Your Dentist Recommend That You Have a Root Canal?

Something’s wrong with a tooth and you’re not sure how the dentist will repair the damage. In some cases, the dentist will recommend that you undergo a root canal in  Beach, FL. Why this procedure and not some other solution? Here are a few common reasons why a dentist would urge a patient to agree to a root canal.

Tooth Decay That Runs Deep

When decay has claimed most of the tooth, there’s still a chance of being able to save it. That chance is in the form of a root canal. The decay may run deep, but it’s possible to remove the decayed portion and replace it with some type of sturdy material. Doing so stops the decay from progressing and prevents any further problems with the pulp.

Infected Pulp or Inflamed Root

Perhaps the pulp is already infected. Maybe the root is also inflamed. At this juncture, removing the infected pulp is the only way to save the tooth. A root canal in Jacksonville Beach ensures that the infection is removed completely, and the space is filled with material that prevents sensitivity. Add a crown to the tooth once the root canal is completed, and the tooth will look good as new.

The Tooth’s Severely Cracked

When the tooth is cracked so much that the crack extends below the gum line, a root canal in Jacksonville Beach is the only real option. This approach makes it possible to remove pulp and other parts of the tooth that may be beyond repair. Once that’s done, the dental team can mend the crack and use veneers or crowns to help cover and reinforce the damage.

Is a root canal right for you? The only way to know for sure is to see a dentist. Schedule an appointment and discuss the tooth that’s bothering you. After a full dental exam, the dentist can tell you what’s needed to correct the issue.

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