Signs it’s Time to Replace Dental Fillings in Cape Coral, Florida

Few dental patients relish the idea of getting a filling, but they’re comforted by the knowledge that their teeth will be saved from further damage. What not all of them realize is that even a properly-installed filling will only last for so long. Eventually, extenuating circumstances will arise that will require its replacement.

The best way for those with existing fillings to ensure that they’re all in good shape is to attend their regular dental cleanings and inspections. Patients can also keep an eye out for the following signs that it’s time to replace Dental Fillings in Cape Coral Florida and call to schedule an appointment should any of them arise between visits.

Acute Injuries

When someone who has dental fillings sustains a blow to the mouth, he or she will be at risk of oral trauma. This could include fractures in natural teeth or, as is often the case, loosened restoration work, including fillings. Any time that patients experience acute injuries to their mouths they should visit their dentists to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Increased Sensitivity

The inner pulp that underlies dental fillings in Cape Coral Florida can be quite sensitive to heat, cold, and even sugary foods. When the filling begins to loosen, it can partially expose that inner pulp. This not only causes patients unnecessary pain but also allows bacteria in that can then wreak further damage on the tooth, so call the dentist as soon as possible.

Old Age

Most fillings can only be expected to last between seven and ten years, although it is not unheard of for them to hold up reasonably well for longer. If the same filling has been in place for more than a decade, chances are it’s time to have it inspected and replaced. Even younger fillings can wind up causing problems if patients don’t take care of them properly or if they grind or clench their teeth, so don’t assume a filling that’s less than seven years old is necessarily doing fine.

Get Help Now

Experiencing one of these worrisome symptoms or just know that it’s been too long since that last dental visit? Don’t waste time. Schedule an appointment today.