3 Signs You Need to Find an Emergency Dentist in Exton, PA

Not every toothache qualifies as an emergency. But how do you know if you can wait a day or two for an appointment? Certain signs, other than just pain, indicate whether you need to go to the ER. Knowing what qualifies as an emergency can help you decide where to go.

Dental problems are common occurrences, even if you brush regularly. However, if you are bleeding, have cracked a tooth, or have a fever, you will need to find an emergency dentist in Exton, PA. Some dental issues will put you at risk of losing a tooth, or even your life. Here are three signs that your toothache needs immediate attention.

Is the Pain Severe?

Often the pain of a bad tooth is tolerable. If it does not keep you from performing your normal tasks, it can wait until you make a dentist appointment. If the pain is severe enough that you can’t sleep or eat, then you should seek treatment immediately. If your mouth is bleeding, this is also an emergency.

Did You Lose or Crack a Tooth?

If you lose a tooth, your dentist can save it if you get to them in time. Pick up the tooth, rinse it off and place in a small container of milk. Cracked teeth are not always considered an emergency. If, however, there are sharp edges on the tooth that are cutting the inside of your mouth or tongue, then don’t wait for an appointment.

Is the Tooth Abscessed?

An infected tooth is life-threatening, so you need to get help immediately. Signs of an infection include a bad taste in your mouth, swelling in your face, and lumps on your gums. The infection can spread to your jaw and other areas of your body. One emergency orthodontist who can help you is Angstadt Family Dental.

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