Let Dental Design Studio Do Your Root Canal

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A root canal is a procedure done to save a severely infected or decayed tooth. Dentists used to extract such teeth, but they have since learned that saving such teeth keeps the other teeth from drifting out of alignment or other otherwise causing problems. A root canal can also prevent the infection from spreading and causing the patient to develop abscesses.

During a root canal, the dentist or endodontist will remove the damaged part of the tooth along with the pulp and nerves. An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating the tissues inside the tooth.

The dentist’s first step will be to take X-rays to make sure the infection hasn’t spread to other parts of the jaw or mouth. They will then administer a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area and keep the patient comfortable.

The dentist will isolate the affected tooth with a sheet of rubber called a rubber dam. The dentist will use a drill to access the decayed or infected part of the tooth. They will then use special files to scrape away the decayed or infected tissue. They will also use sodium hypochlorite or water to periodically flush out the debris.

The dentist will fill the now-hollow tooth with a rubber compound known as gutta-percha to strengthen it. They will use a filling to seal the access hole and then cap the tooth with a restoration such as a crown. Like the gutta percha, the crown will strengthen the tooth and keep it from breaking.

Root canals have a success rate of over 95 percent, and the results can last for the rest of the patient’s life.

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